Attendance Policy



  1. Attendance
  2. Student & Parent contact days (events)
  3. Personal Development Leave
  4. Promotion
  5. Conditional Promotion


Fountainhead School desires 100% attendance for all students studying in the school. Nevertheless, as a rule:

  • Primary Year student must have 93% attendance to be eligible for promotion to the next grade.
  • Senior Year student must have 93% attendance to be eligible for promotion to the next grade except Grade 10 & 12.
  • Grade 10 & 12 must have 88% attendance. The attendance of the student will be mentioned in the transcript whether it is more than 88% or less than 88%. This follows natural consequence based on the university requirements.
  • Early Year student must have 85% attendance to be eligible for promotion to the next grade.

Applicable to:

This policy applies to all students.

Value (s) guiding policy:*

  1. a) Value Term: Excellence
  2. b) Why: Always implement practices that continue to produce valued outcomes.


  • For children to be involved completely in the learning process, it is important that they are present in school. The teaching-learning methodology is such that a gap of even one day will make a difference. Prolonged absenteeism severely sets back the child’s understanding of a particular topic. Also, specialist subjects (Hindi, Visual Arts, Music, Physical Education – Sports, Drama, and Dance) have only 1-2 periods per week and missing these classes also hinder the child’s overall development.
  • There’s a limitation to what can be covered up academically and otherwise for children who are absent. While we can give a few worksheets and give a summary of what’s happened, but to really cover up the concepts in detail like it was done in class is not possible.
  • Sufficient vacations are given to children including a number of long weekends, for parents, to plan short and long trips. Moreover, the school calendar for the year is given well in advance, thereby enabling parents to plan major events and vacations and minimize the holidays.
  • The school has approximately 200 working days for children, and 7% leaves amount to 20 days (almost a month of working days) and 15% leaves amount to 40 days (close to two months of working days). Since sufficient leeway has already been given for some natural circumstances under which leave needs to be taken, the policy as stated above will be implemented strictly.

Parents must ensure the following:

  1. Parents are expected to ensure that the child is able to attend the maximum number of days barring unavoidable circumstances such as illness of the child.
  2. Parents must notify for planned, sick or emergency leaves without fail through the Nucleus Daily Diary so that the class teacher is informed.
  3. For any sick leave beyond 3 days at a stretch, parents must send a medical certificate from a medical practitioner stating clearly the medical reasons justifying the leaves. 
  • Parents are expected to provide children with proper care, nourishment, and sleep so as to ensure that children are fit and healthy and are also mentally active, when in school.
  • HRT will inform parents in each PTC (2 in EY/PY and 2 in MY/DP) if the attendance percentage is lower than the aforementioned criteria.
    • Exam Barring – information for students – School reserves the right (case to case basis) to withdraw students from examinations if they have failed to meet the minimum requirement for attendance. Parents (IGCSE/DP) will be informed about it by the school.
  • At the end of the academic year, students having more than 98% attendance in EY and more than 99% in PY, MY & DP will be awarded the Attendance Certificate.
  • Students can also take leave for personal development if they wish to appear for any exam/event/training camp other than school. (Please refer to the policy mentioned in detail)
  • Students are allowed to take 3 credits in an academic year and 1 credit is equal to 1 hour 30 minutes. Students can use these credits for late arrival/early leave as per the guidelines are given below:

Early / Late Arrival – Early / Late Leaving Instructions:

If any student wants to leave early / late or to come to school early/ late for any reason e.g. passport/visa appointment, function at home, some urgent work, going out of town, not feeling well (sickness), doctor’s appointment, attending career fair, missed school bus (intentional or unintentional), unauthorised stay back (in case of PYP students) etc.; parent has to come to school to pick up/ drop off their child.

The student will not be allowed to board the bus in case of early / late leaving at 1.45 pm / 3.15 pm bus or early / late arrival at 8.30 am / 9.55 am routes in such situations. In case of a medical emergency; the student will be dropped till the hospital and from there the parent has to take over.

In case, a parent is coming or sending their relative/friend/driver etc. for pick up; ensure that the RFID parent pass  is presented at the gate/front desk. The student will not be handed over without the RFID parent pass as it puts a risk on the safety and security of the student.

Why is this being done?

School bus service is primarily for the students of the respective programs (refer to the table given below) because of limited seat occupancy.

7.15 am – 1.45 pm Primary Year Programme
8.30 am – 3.15 pm Middle Year & Diploma Programme
9.55 am – 3.15 pm Early Years

Many times it has been observed that students are taking short leaves for different reasons which can be managed easily. Some of the above-mentioned reasons (for early / late arrival – early / late leaving) can be easily taken care of by rescheduling it as per the school timings e.g. doctor’s appointment can be taken after school hours; students can take some rest in the sick bay if not feeling well; travel booking (if going out of town) can also be done accordingly.

Students access and misuse parent email id for making requests at times. They do not follow the process of informing front desk in advance and board the bus directly.

Because of these untimely and uninformed requests, the transport system gets loaded in some of the buses in terms of seat occupancy. In that case, we need to accommodate extra students than the desired occupancy. It also increases chances of faulty attendance process as it gives us very less time to make necessary changes in the schedule on a short notice and it leads to late bus departure from the school.

Also, a lot of time is consumed in taking approvals at different levels to allow a student to leave early /late or arrive early / late (in a case of unauthorized stay back by PYP students).

E.g. For such an incident:

One Middle Year girl-student left early by a different 3:30 bus- route without informing the front desk and so the transport department was also unaware. Due to the communication gap, the 4:50bus- route (the daily bus) had to wait for some time to locate that student as the attendance was incomplete.

As per our policy, buses cannot leave until the attendance is complete for any student who was present that day in school.

So we are not saying that student cannot take short leave but if they have to take a short leave then the above-mentioned policy will be implemented. 

Process for Parents- Communication for Early – Late Arrival / Early – Late Departure:-

  • Parent has to send a request through email to one day in advance in case of passport/visa appointment, function at home, some urgent work, going out of town, doctor’s appointment, attending career fair etc. e.g. request should be received by 2.55 pm on the previous day. No request for the next day will be approved if it is received after 2.55 pm.
    • As these things can be planned; no immediate request will be entertained.
  • Upon receiving a request, PO will seek approval from the respective coordinator.
  • After approval, PO will inform the parent to come and pick up their child.
  • For a general medical condition i.e. student not feeling well due to any reason, sickbay in charge will inform the coordinator and call the parent to come and pick their child.
  • RFID parent pass  is necessary in all cases to pick up the student.

Credit Use for Sick Bay:

  • In case the student is in sickbay for:
    • <50 minutes due to some illness; it will count as one credit and will be deducted from their` credit account.
    • 50> minutes due to some illness; it will be marked absent.
  • If credits are exhausted –
    • The student uses sickbay even for more than 10 minutes then also they will be marked as absent.
    • If any student leaves school due to illness, family function or any other reason; before 1.45/3.15 pm with their parents, s/he will be marked absent.
  • These guidelines will not be applicable:
    • If the student has visited sickbay only for taking some medicine.
    • Any injury happened to the student in the school and student has been handed over to the parents. S/he will be marked present on Day-1. Further, if the doctor has advised him/her rest then s/he will be marked absent for the no. of days s/he is absent. 
  • The above-mentioned guidelines are also applicable for coming late due to illness, family function or any other reason. 

Rationale: Attendance is marked when the student comes to school and attends classes. If s/he is ill and comes to school but does not attend classes or falls sick in school and remains in sickbay then marking her/him present is not logical. 

Guidelines for Exam Attendance:

  • During the school exams for G9 and 10; students will not attend school when an examination of a subject that they have not chosen, is scheduled. Student will be marked present on that day.
    • For eg. on 14th Oct, there is an ICT exam. Student X has not taken ICT so he does not attend school on that day. But he will be marked present because ICT is an optional subject.
  • This is applicable for school exams only and not for IGCSE examinations.
  • The examination days, which means Term 1 and Term 2 examinations are not counted in the total working days. This includes mock exams days for Grade 10 and 12.
  • The school will mark attendance for the record, but these days will not be included while calculating cumulative attendance at the end of the year.
    • Rationale: In IGCSE and DP, students have elective subjects.  For e.g., a student has not taken “Enterprise” as a subject. Then he/she is not required to attend school on that day. But he/she cannot be marked absent for the same.

Guidelines for Event Attendance:

Student & Parent contact days (events) have been divided into two categories as per the attendance criteria given below.

Student Contact Days:

Category It Includes Attendance criteria will be followed as
Regular Student Working Days Sports day, last day party (before two major vacations i.e. Summer and Diwali)
  • Attendance will be recorded as regular working day and will be counted in cumulative percentage of attendance.
Necessary Student Event Days Night Outs, Nature Camps, Creative Mela, Educational Trips (Senior School Trips)
  • Attendance will be recorded but only WORKING DAYS will be counted under event category which will be added in cumulative percentage of attendance; for e.g. If nature camps are falling on Friday or Saturday then attendance will be recorded for both days but only Friday will be counted in the cumulative percentage of attendance.

Note: If the student is absent for nature camps, s/he will be marked absent and will not be allowed to attend school on those dates.

Why will students be marked absent for not attending trips?

  • Why will students be marked absent for not attending trips?
    • The trips are aligned with units and provide for a number of learning opportunities. When students miss out on a trip it also causes learning loss.
    • Trips provide children with opportunities to become independent, to be able to take care of themselves, to become good decision-makers, to have the right self-discipline, to be able to take measured risks, to overcome their fears, to be adaptable to new conditions and environments, so that they can take up challenges and risks with confidence and enthusiasm. Trips help students build deep relationships with their friends and teachers, become open-minded, get close to nature and appreciate the wonder and beauty of nature.
    • These qualities will serve the students the best as they grow up in today’s complex and fast-changing world. Students need skills, attitudes, and habits that will help them succeed no matter what situations they are in, no matter what careers they take up. Nature camps are truly leadership camps which help students develop these qualities.
    • Nature camps will take the students out of their comfort zones, and present to them with an environment where they are forced to respond to these challenges which develop their personal leadership muscle! They are forced to work with each other, develop empathy and understanding for the perspectives of others.
Voluntary Student Event Days Bal Mela, FSMUN and other competitions on holidays
  •  The attendance will be recorded in Nucleus under Student events section and not in regular attendance section.
  • If students are going for competitions/workshops during regular working days, then attendance will be counted as
    • School approved leaves or Professional Development Leave (PDL) e.g. Frisbee: team event (if approved other wise marked as absent), District / State level competitions, MUN, any workshops (if the school has approved then it will be considered as PDL otherwise it will be marked as absent).
    • Absent in case the leave is not approved by the school.

Parent Contact Days:

Category It Includes Attendance criteria will be followed as
Parent – Event (Recommended by School) PTC/SLC, PTM, PTI, PYP Exhibition
  • Attendance will be recorded for reference.
Parent – Event (Voluntary attendance) Any other event, exhibition etc.
  • Attendance will be recorded as per the requirement of the event.

The school also desires full attendance on the first and last day of the school. The first few days are important for the children as a number of rules, regulations, as well a broad overview of the year’s curriculum is discussed with the children in the first few days. Children also make friends easily in the beginning rather than a few days later when almost everyone else has already made friends. We simply wish to state that it is important for parents to enable students to attend both the first and the last day of the school.

Student / Parent Contact Day’s Attendance:

Parents will have to get a medical certificate issued by school certified doctors on specifically identified days where we expect compulsory attendance from the students.

The sole objective to bring in such a system is to encourage students to not miss their school during major events or when they have critical curriculum going on.

A list of certified doctors along with their contact details and their address (few accessible locations) are given in Annexure-1.

In case, the child is not well and would want to apply for a medical leave parents will have to get a medical certificate only from these doctors. The doctor may charge for the same. Once the certificate has been issued it must be submitted to the school.

Parents have to follow this procedure for medical leave whenever it is mandatory for students to be present in the school.


The exceptional circumstances under which students may exceed the limit given include major illnesses which require significant time for treatment and recovery. There may be other critical reasons for extended leaves all of which need to be approved by the Head of the School

Religious Festival falling on Working Days:

School cannot give a holiday for each and every festival considering the huge diversity in the student community. The rationale behind this:

1. Too many festivals in the calendar year. There are many aspects which need to be looked at while preparing an annual calendar and we have clarified a few points, to give an insight on how the planning has been done:

  • We need 200-201 working days for the students.
  • Our teacher-working Saturdays are spent on following:
  • Professional or Personal Development Training
  • Parent-Interaction Meetings (PTC, PCM, Open Houses)
  • Planned work (such as planning of assessments, reporting etc.)
  • Some of our 2nd & 4th Saturdays are holidays for the teachers which are necessary for them as our working hours throughout the week are quite long.

2. Because of operational reasons we have to give holidays for certain festivals e.g. roadblocks during:

  • Ganesh Visarjan
  • Uttarayan
  • Dhuleti/Holi

3. Some holidays are declared because of low attendance of support staff and the school cannot function without Support Staff.

4. The school does not follow bank holiday calendar for every festival.

5. There are many other religious holidays that the school does not give across religions a list of these is as under:

  • Jain Samvatsari
  • Mahavir Jayanti
  • Good Friday
  • Mahashivratri
  • Ramnavmi
  • Parsi New Year
  • Gudi Padwa
  • Bohri Eid(s)
  • Bohri Muharram
  • Ambedkar Jayanti
  • Buddha Purnima
  • Guru Nanak Jayanti
  • Onam
  • Tamil New Year

6. We do give possible holidays for different communities e.g. Christmas, Muharram.

Further students have the liberty to take a leave on the day of the festival but leave will be marked as absent because we cannot offer a holiday for every festival.

Personal Development Leave:


The objective of this policy is to have clear guidelines for leaves/credits taken by a student for personal development.


As mentioned in attendance policy, Fountainhead School expects the students to maintain regular attendance in school except for school holidays i.e. Summer breaks, Diwali break & other holidays. However, it is sometimes necessary or desirable for a student to take a leave for 1-2 days or for a specific period of time or want to come late for few hours to take part in extracurricular/academic activities.

Personal Development Leave-

These leaves/credits can be defined as a personal development leaves/credits when a student requests to take a break from school for a temporary period to pursue his/her interest other than school academic program. For example

  • Academic/Extra-Curricular Opportunities
    1. Appearing for any course/camp outside school
    2. Appearing for any exam outside school
    3. Participating in any event outside school


  • A student taking voluntary leave/credit (especially for reason 1, 2, 3) should consult his/her HRT and submit the application to the front desk.
  • Front desk PRO will send information through email to the HRT with cc to PYP Principal / Senior School Principal / HOS / PE team / AGM-Admin.
  • HRT has to inform parent and student that this will lead to a loss in his/her academics which s/he will have to work harder to recover. Further, the school will strive to support him/her to the best extent possible.
  • The PYP Principal / Senior School Principal / HOS will approve the same through email.
  • The front desk will send a confirmatory email to the parents.
  • HRT will mark the student who is on leave or taken credit as a ‘personal development leave’ but not absent.

Personal Development Credit: Students are now allowed to take professional development credits also when they need to take a break from school for a short period (for few hours) to pursue his / her interest other than school academic program. For example:

  • Academic / Extra-Curricular Opportunities
  • Appearing for any course/camp outside school
  • Appearing for any exam outside school
  • Participating in any event outside school


  • For 2 credits (3 hours from their school time), they will be marked present.
  • Beyond 3 hours it will be considered as PD leave.
  • These credits need to be approved by the respective coordinators.
  • In case any student wants to avail this facility; s/he needs to follow the late arrival / early leaving policy as mentioned above.

Promotion Policy:

The promotion will be granted to every student who has met the minimum grade level academic requirements and attendance percentage as defined for each grade.

Conditional Promotion:

The following policy clarifies the conditions under which a student is required to be Conditionally Promoted. It may be granted to the student in following situations:

Low Attendance:

  • A student can be promoted for the 1st year, whose attendance percentage is less but academic performance is fine. Parents will be called and will be asked to write an explanation for low attendance and assurance that it will be taken care in the future.
  • The student should have required attendance percentage according to their grade level in next year otherwise, parents will be called and discussed/counseled about why the attendance is important and what their child is going to miss out if s/he is regularly absent.
  • Based on their explanation/discussion and if the academic performance is also poor they will be advised to retain the child in the same grade next year.  

Performance not up to the Grade level:

Student can be promoted for the 1st year, whose academic performance is not up to the grade level or the student has demonstrated academic difficulty throughout a school year/not cleared the grade level assessments/exam (not applicable fully till grade 6 unless we consider CAPS) with a condition that student has to perform well in next academic year.

If the student has not shown any improvement in academics then parents will be called for their child’s review and to discuss the child retention in the same grade for the next year.

Note: For such cases school strongly advises that the student should be retained in the same grade as it is in child’s best interest but the final decision will be taken with parental consent.

Conditional Promotion Chart

Low Attendance – Good Performance Low Attendance – Poor Performance
Conditional promotion after discussion with parents and counseling Student should be advised to repeat the grade with parental consent.
Good Attendance – Poor Performance Good Attendance – Good Performance
Condition 1- Student will be promoted.orCondition 2 – Conditional promotion after discussion with parents and counseling(Depending upon if the performance is slightly below to the grade level) Student will be promoted to the next grade.

Promotion Policy (Applicable to students of Grade 7,8,9 and 11)

  1. The promotion will be granted to every student who has achieved the minimum passing criteria (as required for the specific grade) irrespective of whether the student has met or not met the minimum attendance recommended as per school’s attendance policy.
  2. Further, in case, the student has not achieved the minimum passing criteria (as required for the specific grade), then the retake policy will apply in such cases, irrespective of whether the student has met or not met the minimum attendance recommended as per the school’s attendance policy.
  3. Please note that in a case of point no. A & B above, if the student has not met the attendance level then it will be clearly mentioned in the transcript provided by the school to the student that “The student has not met the minimum attendance recommended as per school’s attendance policy”. Please bear in mind that it is significant to meet minimum attendance and ensure that the above-mentioned comment does not appear in transcript because universities (both in India and abroad) may consider the above-mentioned comment (regarding non-fulfilment of attendance) while deciding whether or not to grant admission to a particular student for a specific programme of study. Also another argument in favor meeting minimum recommended attendance level is the difficulty which the student faces while covering the missed curriculum. This also leads to wastage of valuable time which could have been used for some other productive purpose/s. Additionally, there seems to be some correlation between student’s academic performance and attendance level. However, it is difficult to prove the above-mentioned correlation as multiple factors (including attendance) affect student’s performance.
  4. Further in case of point no. A&B above, if the student meets the minimum level of attendance as recommended in the attendance policy then it will be clearly mentioned in the transcript provided by the school to a student that The student has met the minimum attendance recommended as per school’s attendance policy’.There might be benefits of the above statement (as mentioned in the transcript) in terms of one of the favourable criteria for getting admission into the universities (in India and Abroad) and also another benefit is that the student will be able to save his productive time (which would otherwise be consumed for covering the missed curriculum).

Please note that students will be constantly reminded about their low attendance at regular intervals (including parents meeting, during HRM slot and before term exams).

Performance not up to the Grade level:

Retake policy will apply in such cases.

Consequences: *:

The school will not promote students who do not promote students who do not meet the above-set criteria (see Conditional Promotion mentioned above).

Annexure – 1

List of Doctors:

Names Address Specialisation
Dr. Samirkumar Patel Palanpur Patia MD Physician
Dr. Manish Jain Panas gaam Pediatrician
Dr. Manohar Ghemawat Dr. Preeti Vesu Industrial health
Dr. Bharat Bhargava Bhattar Pediatrician