Sickbay Policy


  • To provide adequate facilities for all children to be attended to following accident or sickness at school.
  • To ensure that a basic first aid training is made available for all staff.
  • To maintain a record of all injuries and the attention given.
  • To establish a telephone contact network for all parents so that attention (doctor/hospital) can be given to all the students without undue delay.
  • To ensure that a medical profile is kept for each child.
  • To ensure students with identified health risks have an up to date medical profile.  A copy of extreme cases will be kept with the sick bay in charge.

Applicable to:

This policy applies to all school employees.

Value (s) guiding policy:*

a) Value Term: Responsibility

b) Why: To ensure safety of the students at all time.


The school is responsible for all the students from the time of arrival at school to the time of departure.  This ensures adequate procedures are developed for the care of children, in all aspects of pupil safety and health while they are at school.

Policy Guidelines:

The following guidelines detail procedure for the use of Fountainhead School sick bay. These guidelines are to be adhered by all staff and students. Teaching staff must ensure that their students are familiar with the procedures.

General Instructions:

  • The teachers on duty (HRT/SST) are responsible for ensuring that all accidents/injuries in the class/playground or any other area are attended and recorded in the log book.
    • In a case of injury to an early years student, HRT has to accompany him/her to the sickbay.
  • In a case of any injury/sickness (even minor bruise), the parent has to be informed immediately.
    • All students who have used sickbay facility for any sickness/injuries has to be recorded in LOG OF STUDENTS WHO USE THE SICK BAY.
    • The staff nurse will call the parents and inform about the injury/sickness happened to the student immediately.
    • Automated email of LOG OF STUDENTS WHO USE THE SICK BAY should also be marked to the HRT. The HRT / SST / Mentor teacher in case of PYP, MY and DP should also convey to the parents telephonically immediately in addition to the staff nurse. This will eliminate any human lapse and the student will not suffer.
    • Automated email of LOG OF STUDENTS WHO USE THE SICK BAY should also be marked to the front desk. PRO has to call and confirm from the parent whether they have received the information from the staff nurse / HRT / SST / Mentor teacher. If they have not been informed about it, she should transfer the call to the sickbay and ask staff nurse to talk to the parent.
    • If sick or injured students are taken by parents the Homeroom teacher/PRO will be notified by the staff nurse.
      • In a case of sickness/injury (fever, dizziness, stomach ache, vomiting, unbearable pain in any body part ) up to a point where the student is unable to walk or carry his/her own school bag; sickbay staff/didi has to accompany them, carrying their bag till the front desk.
  • If any teacher is reporting the sickness of any student to their parents directly and asking them to pick their child; they will inform the front desk also.
  • All head and spinal injuries are regarded as serious in the first instance. Serious harm injuries must be informed to parents immediately and notification to HOA/CMO. The HOA/CMO will ensure that specialized aid is made available to the students
  • The Sickbay in charge is responsible for the care of students in the sickbay. Students are to be monitored frequently and serious cases must not be left unattended.
  • If parents cannot be contacted in the first instance and a child has or is thought to have a serious injury or broken limb, an ambulance shall be called and inform immediate family member as per health form submitted
  • The school will bear a financial limit of Rs 500/- per student.
  • In a case of injury, SOP for First Aid – Injury to students to be followed and after the treatment, the report has to be filled in ‘Injury Reporting Form’ which is shared with HOS, PSP, HOA, CMO, AGM-Admin.
  • First Aid supplies are regularly monitored and record to be maintained for all medical supplies.
  • A record of children with special medical needs or medication requirements will be kept in the sick bay.
  • Teachers should exercise control over the use of dangerous objects in class like cutters, scissors etc.

Specific Instructions:

A: Injury

  1. The child will be given immediate basic first aid. The parents will be informed immediately over the telephone. If the parents desire to go for further treatment, they should immediately come to the school and pick up their ward. If it is an emergency, the school will arrange for transportation to the hospital suggested by the parents over the telephone and hand over the student to the parents. In case the parents are not contactable, then the school will take the student to our nominated hospital (BAPS) or any specialized hospital.

B: Sickness

  1. No oral medicine will be given to the student in case of illness in school.
    1. Exception – In case of fever, 100 degree and above; sickbay in charge should call the parent and confirm to give medicine (Calpol or some basic medicine with parent consent) because it will take minimum 30 mins for parent to reach school and if fever is more than a certain degree, first body should be cooled else the fever can cause damage.
  2. The student will be asked to rest in the sick bay and if required ORS / water would be given.
  3. Parents will be informed immediately and asked to come to school with the medicines prescribed by their family doctor or take the student home.
  4. In the case of emergency, the school will arrange for transportation till the hospital/home as suggested by the parents over the phone. In case the parents are not contactable, then the school will take the student to our nominated hospital (BAPS) or any specialized hospital.

C: Outstation Field Trips

  1. Parents should send the necessary medicines for the student as prescribed by their local doctor.
  2. If required basic first aid will be given.
  3. In case of sickness/injury to students outside school (field trips, outstation trips, tournaments etc.) then the teacher should take the student to the nearest hospital and get the treatment done. Inform to the parents and also to the PRO in school about the injury to the student.
  4. In case the injury is severe, the teacher should hire an ambulance and take the student to surat in consultation with the parents.
  5. Once the child has been handed over to the parents, the teacher should inform the PRO / PYPC/MYPC/DPC/Vice Principal (Senior School).

Insurance Policy for students:

The school has taken an insurance policy (under Commercial General Liability Schedule) for students & staff members. It covers the school liability for any mishap involving students and staff members, whether in school or outside (school trips/camps).

In a case of an injury to a student while in school/bus, then Rs. 10000/- (maximum per year) will be reimbursed by the insurance company for the medical expenses incurred by the parents.


Case 1 – A student has fallen on the ground while playing and got a fracture in his/her arm. The total expense incurred in the treatment at the hospital is Rs. 15000/-. In this case Rs. 10000/- will be reimbursed to the parents by the insurance company on the basis of original bills submitted by them.

Case 2 – A student has fallen in the corridor while running and got stitches on his/her forehead. The total expense incurred in the treatment at the hospital is Rs. 5000/-. In this case Rs. 5000/- will be reimbursed to the parents by the insurance company on the basis of original bills submitted by them.

Process for the claim:

  • The school will certify to the insurance company that the injury has happened in school or during the school trip.
  • Insurance Claim form has to be collected and submitted (filled) to the school by the parent.
  • All bills have to be submitted in original along with the claim form.
  • The entire process will be managed by school’s accounts department. They will follow up with the insurance company for the form submission and claim amount to be reimbursed. The amount will be handed over to the parent once received from the Insurance company (approx 30 days).


The school will give the students the care and attention that a prudent parent would.