Prevention of Abuse & Harassment


  • To provide safe and secure working environment for all students.

  • To provide forum for all students against any kind of harassment, discrimination or abuse in our school

  • To provide guidelines for action when dealing with such incidents.

Applicable to:

All students

Value (s) guiding policy:*

a) Value Term: Respect, Responsibility

b) Why:

  • Regard everybody in a lawful and just manner and diversity within the society and do not demean the dignity of the individual.

  • It is the responsibility of the school to be proactive and report if students encounter any kind of abuse and harassment.


All students have a right to be treated with dignity and respect and to have their needs met within a safe environment.

Any kind of harassment takes away from the student equal learning opportunities, by creating an environment in which that student’s ability to perform is impaired. Sexual, physical or any kind of abuse creates a barrier to their learning and ability to perform competently.

Policy Guidelines:

All students/parents are advised to raise complaints to the committee members (Annexure – 1) against any staff member of Fountainhead family or any student regarding abuse, use of bad language, inappropriate touches or any harassing calls or SMS through written or oral communication.

  • This is to ensure and provide safe working environment for the students. No personal complaints or complaints of any other nature will be entertained by this cell which is not related to protecting the dignity of individuals (staff/students) at the school.

  • Any kind of above-mentioned complaints should be forwarded without any hesitation and it will be dealt with keeping the due respect of the person complaining.

  • Any such matter will not be disclosed to anyone other than the committee members.


  • Any student who feel that they are being harassed directly or indirectly or have seen any such issue may submit a complaint of the alleged incident to any member of the Committee or anyone whom they trust by any of these medium immediately during or after the incident has occurred.

    • Verbally

    • In writing through email or worry box placed in all the corridors of the school.

  • Parents can also forward their complaint if they feel that their child is being harassed by staff member/student.
  • Committee members will be receptive and sensitive to the student/parent so that they feel listened to and believed.

  • The identity of the student/parent will remain confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone other than the committee members and school management.

  • Any complaint brought forward will be discussed immediately by 2 or more committee members and they may contact the two parties for details or clarifications. The committee will then decide the future course of action and communicate the same to the complainant.

  • Any action (or a decision to take no action) must be made within 5 working days of receipt of the complaint.


The consequences to be given to the accused for violation of this policy will depend on the severity of the issue. Consequences can range from:

  • Verbal warning

  • Salary deduction

  • Suspension for a limited period of time

  • Immediate termination of employment

  • Police complaint

For any false complaints, severe action will be taken.

The final decision will be that of committee members and the decision should be respected by all.