Nature Camp, Educational Trips & Field Trips

Event Objective: 

We all want to our children to become independent, to be able to take care of themselves, to become good decision-makers, to have the right self-discipline, to be able to take measured risks, to overcome their fears, to be adaptable to new conditions and environments, so that they can take up challenges and risks with confidence and enthusiasm. We also want them to make deep relationships with their friends and teachers, become open-minded, get close to nature and appreciate the wonder and beauty of nature.

As many of us know that these are the very qualities that will serve the students the best as they grow up in today’s complex and fast-changing world. They need skills, attitudes and habits that will help them succeed no matter what situations they are in, no matter what careers they take up. Nature camps are truly leadership camps which help students develop these qualities mentioned above.

Nature camps will take the students out of their comfort zones, and present to them with an environment where they are forced to respond to these challenges which develops their personal leadership muscle! They are forced to work with each other, develop empathy and understanding for the perspectives of others. And you know what the best part is, when students go to camps with an open mind, they also have a lot of fun! The camp location, facilities and activities are planned to provide such opportunities. So don’t expect luxury – expect a lot of mosquitoes and insects, tiring treks, and challenges, basic food – because that’s the whole idea of the camp! Leadership is not going to be learnt in the comfort of your homes – but in the jungles and forests!!!

Nature Camp / Educational & Field Trips:

Safety and other Important guidelines:

  • Teachers will counsel all the students about good touch and bad touch beforehand.
  • Students have to inform immediately to the HRT or any other teacher/staff present there If such things happen.
  • Students should avoid talking to the strangers.
  • Students should not be on their own. Always remain in a group of 2-3.
  • All students have to ensure that they should not isolate any student.
  • Bedtime/ lights out timings have to be followed by all. All students have to be in their rooms by then and light off.
  • No alterations by the students will be entertained for room allotment.
  • In public places, stay safe.
  • Students should go to use the washroom in groups of 2-3.
  • Students are advised to carry healthy food only (Annexure-1).
    • It is better to stick to healthy food – but while traveling if it is not always possible, then they can eat junk food. If food is not available then teachers will talk to the vendor to provide an alternative and as per request vendor may provide junk food or teachers will arrange it themselves. But students are not allowed to carry or purchase junk food during these trips. The teacher can negotiate and have an understanding with the students beforehand.
      • Junk food includes all packaged food, chocolates, soft drinks and all other junk food as we normally use.
      • Non-veg food: The students are allowed to eat non-veg food during the trip. The vendor is not supposed to provide non-veg food to the students. As per availability; the vendor may provide non-veg food only if students request for it. It should not be asked for explicitly. The students are free to buy non-veg food for themselves if they wish to.
  • Students must only wear full school uniform where they are representing the school. The only concession can be given in the brand of shoes. They can wear shoes of any brand, provided they are black. This will not be the case if the event demands so – such as MUN etc. This is not applicable for nature camps.
  • Grade 1-9 students are not allowed to carry gadgets (cameras, tablets, iPods, music player, mobiles) in outstation trips. Grade 10-12 students can carry iPods, music player (with no other functions) and earphones.
    • If it is required to carry any of these things in some events where gadgets have a purpose then they can carry it but at their own risk. However, this call will be taken before every event, depending on the nature of the event. Kindle is allowed for students to carry on their own risk. Students can also carry a camera.
    • Grade 7-12 – 1/2 student volunteers can carry small speakers. They can submit the speaker to the teachers beforehand. The teacher will then decide to play music considering place and time at his/her own discretion.
  • Students are not required to carry cash, as food and all other things are already paid. Students may carry cash for shopping or otherwise. The amount can be decided by mutual consensus between the parent and the child (Rs. 500-1000). The student is responsible for the amount of cash s/he carries.
  • Parents will be informed about the venue details (address and contact details).
  • Students should know their parent’s name & mobile numbers by heart.
  • Student joining late / leaving early from a field trip/nature camp:
    • If any student wants to join any outstation field trip/nature camp, late or wants to leave early, he/she is allowed to do the same. In such a case, the parent has to take the responsibility of escorting the child later/ allowing her to travel unaccompanied.
    • The same policy will be applicable for swapping of trip slots. If a student wants s/he can exchange his/her trip slot with another section but in this case ticket, cancellation/ fresh booking charges will be borne by the parent. Ticket booking and other logistics will be taken care by the school. The amount will be deducted from the imprest account.
    • The rationale is that, sometimes, some family functions are important and a great learning experience too, so it may be a tough decision to make. By doing this, a student will not miss the entire trip and will also be able to meet his/her family commitment. So it is a win-win situation.

Birthday Celebration:

    • If any student has their birthday during the nature camp, they cannot have a cake cutting ceremony or get any cake/cupcake/treat for the entire grade.
    • Birthday’s can be celebrated as per the celebration policy. The teacher will lead it and make the birthday of the student a special day by a meaningful celebration in whatever ways they can e.g. by giving a birthday card to the student, other students singing a birthday song for the student etc.
    • Parents are requested not to send cake/any treat (for the entire grade) to celebrate birthdays during nature camp.

Safety Monitors:

The objective of having safety monitors is primarily to look after the safety of girls (sexual molestation). The safety monitors will be over and above the normal HRT’s accompanying the students and will be selected from Acad + Admin team / TL / SST/ admin department. Their prime responsibility is to ensure the safety of girl students; to see that the policies are followed and report by SMS during/end of the trip. In all nature camps/outstation events/night outs, one safety monitor will be assigned by AGM Admin (Ratio should be 1: 60) to take care of the following points:

  • To ensure that the safety process should be followed and s/he should be vigilant and take care of the students.
  • To ensure that HRT’s should brief all the guidelines once again to the students in the bus before/during the journey.  
  • S/he has to ensure that attendance/headcount should be taken every time students board the bus e.g. loo break, visit to any place etc.
  • The Room allocation plan will be made beforehand.
    • Room allocation should be done in such a way that an accompanying teacher’s/safety monitor can keep an eye on all the students, since teacher can not be present in each of the rooms e.g. room allocation for girls and boys should be done separately and teacher should be in such a location where s/he can stay in with all the students.
    • Vendor/ volunteers should be allocated room separately.
  • Carry the event mobile to send updates and SMS about the trip twice in a day.
    • At least 2 messages per day need to be sent to parents about camp updates. 
  • Carry along first aid box and sanitary napkins.
  • Ensure that teacher/other staff should remain with the students in a group all the times.
  • In case of any issue is reported:
    • Minor issues:
      • Information to be sent to HOA/HOS/AGM-Admin, authorized person (vendor/volunteer) and parents immediately.
      • Warning to be given to the accused person.
      • Action to be taken by the school after returning from the trip/event.
    • Major Issues:
      • Information to be sent to HOA/HOS/AGM-Admin, authorized person (vendor/volunteer) and parents immediately and they should be asked to visit the place.
      • Accused to be detained.
      • The first information to be lodged in the local police station (only with parental consent).

Vendors are also instructed about the following points:

  • Vendor staff should not be over friendly with the students. Be professional.
  • Vendor staff should not be rude to the students.  
  • Adhere to the given itinerary.
  • The safety of the students should be of prime importance.

Event Specific Guidelines:

The following guidelines need to follow before and during outstation events, e.g. competitions, lectures, workshops, MUNs, etc.

  1. In case of any event where teachers need to accompany students, e.g. science fair, conferences, workshops, MUN etc., all the expenses, e.g. travel, stay, compensatory pay, food etc. for the teachers need to be borne by the students.
  2. Total approximate expense (from min to max range) for the event will be calculated beforehand and will be informed to the students/parents e.g. if min cost is going to be 10000-/- and due to any possible uncertainty the cost of travel or stay goes up to 20000/- then the students/parents have to be informed that min range will be 10000/- and max would be 20000/-.
  3. The balance amount of the advance payment will be adjusted to the imprest amount after deducting the actual expenses of the event.
  4. Conditions for cancellation by the student:

Opt-Out Policy for PYP:

  • The cost for the educational trip (Nature camp) in the Imprest deposit. This was taken separately by Cheque from the parents till now which is a tedious process both for the parents and the school. This cost is added based on historicals for the past two years.
  • We have started opt-out system instead of an opt-in system. By default, all the students will be confirmed for the trip. In case you want to opt out for any reason, you will have to inform the school by sending mail on latest by 10th August. After this date, we will go ahead with travel and accommodation bookings for respective trips.
  • This amount will be refunded only in case you opt out by the given deadline. After the deadline, if the student wants to withdraw his/her name (for any reason) following cancellation policy will be applicable.

Opt-Out Policy for SS:

  • Partial cost i.e. Rs 5000/- for the educational trip (Nature camp) is included in the Imprest deposit. The additional amount will then be asked to be paid through cheque.
  • We have started opt-out system instead of an opt-in system. By default, all the students will be confirmed for the trip. In case you want to opt out for any reason, then you will have to inform the school by sending mail to latest by the deadline. After the deadline, the school will go ahead with travel and accommodation bookings for respective trips and opt out after this date will attract applicable cancellation charges.
  • This amount will be refunded only in case you opt out by the given deadline. After the deadline, if the student wants to withdraw his/her name (for any reason) following cancellation policy will be applicable.

Cancellation Policy:

Please refer to given below table to know the cancellation charges.

Final cancellation charges before 60 days Before 30 days Before 15 days Last 14 days
% on the Trip cost  –> 15% 30% 50% NO REFUND

Cancellation from parent side:

  • Vendor charges (if applicable) will be charged from the parent irrespective of the circumstances for the cancellation request.
  • If the vendor agrees not to charge (in case of illnesses, with clear evidence) and for event participation from the school side, the school will not levy charges.
  • But this facility will not be extended for any other reason.

In case any student wants to join the trip at the last minute, the school may accept the request on case to case basis considering the following points;

  • Such requests shall be first consulted with the Vendor if any. If the Vendor permits, then and only then will such request will be accepted.
  • Also, such requests will be allowed only if any last moment entry can be made in Safari trips/ Accommodation, otherwise the requests will not be allowed.
  • If at all the above scenario is favorable, and if the parent manages to book a confirmed railway ticket for the child and if it happens to be in another compartment, then considering the group size and number of safety monitors (adults), the request for joining the trip may be accepted.
  • In case of bus travel, the request may be accepted if there is a seat in the bus and provided the vendor confirms that last minute addition of a person can be done for accommodation and other activities.

Conditions for cancellation of the event/camp/trip:

  • In case of the event/camp/trip gets canceled, the entire amount paid by the students after deducting the cancellation charges for travel/stay etc. will be refunded.
  • The coordinator of the event has to explain the entire policy to the student’s/parents in details at the time of the planning of the event.

Annexure – 1

List of Food Items to be brought during nature camps:

  • Khakra
  • Mamra
  • Popcorn
  • Chivda
  • Any kind of dry snacks
  • Homemade Sweets / Baked items: Cream less cakes or muffins of any flavor, Laddoos, Halwa, chikki, sukhri, sheera, salam pak, methi pak, cookies.