Announcing Student Achievement Policy


The purpose of this policy is to set guidelines to disseminate the information (through Google + or other means) about the achievements gained by students apart from the events participated in school; specifically, national and international achievements.


When a student achievement is shared the parent or student – either in school or outside the school, the following process will be done.

Authentic information/certificates to be seen by the respective mentor teacher / HRT / Process Organiser.

Once the correct information is received:

  • The mentor teachers / HRT should appreciate the student in the class.
  • The Process Organisers will display it on the school notice board.
  • The information should also be posted on the teacher’s community as well as student community on Google plus.
  • Based on the achievement, we may also post it on:
    • Newsletter
    • School’s Facebook page / Twitter account (PO’s will discuss it with the coordinator to confirm whether it should be posted here or not and do the needful)
  • Achievements in any Sports tournaments/sports related events can be directly posted by the PE Process Organiser.