Celebration Policy


While we understand that birthday is a special day in child’s life, the objective of this policy is to encourage parents to celebrate the birthday of their child in an austere and simple manner.

Applicable to:

This policy applies to all students.

Value (s) guiding policy:

a)Value Term: Fairness, Excellence


  • My action must be not discriminate or give undue advantage to anyone.
  • Always implement practices that continue to produce valued outcomes.


  • Celebrations promote unnecessary competition between the parents and children by giving return gifts, and birthday cake.
  • Due to this competition the children may feel bad or biased if their return gifts or cake were not as good as compared to other children.
  • Celebrations are time consuming, the time which can further be used productively for learning, which is what the school is meant for.
  • In the name of celebration, parents often send unhealthy food items like cakes, chocolates, muffins, etc. which is also not aligned with our school food policy.

Policy Guidelines:

  • Parents cannot send chocolates or gifts for the children or the staff. Any gifts / eatables sent will be collected and given away to needy children.
  • Apart from your child’s birthday also, sending of gifts / eatables to any Fountainhead staff member is strongly discouraged for any occasion, reason or purpose.
  • If you want to do something for your child, then the school suggests that you donate a book to the library that every class has.
  • Parents cannot invite teachers or any members of the school staff for birthday celebrations unless they share a personal relationship with the person. Personal relationship is defined as knowing the concerned person in an individual capacity not resulting from interaction in school.
  • Parents cannot request the class teacher to distribute birthday party invitation cards in class or in the bus.
  • Birthday invitations should be made by phone call/sms/email.
  • To be fair to all students, it is advisable that invitations should be given to all the children’s in the section.


  • Students can celebrate on the last day before the 2 major vacations (Diwali and summer) by bringing home-made food (whether junk or otherwise depends on the day on which the last day falls). They can eat it in the classroom. The respective teacher and the students must take responsibility of ensuring that the classroom is cleaned after the meal.
  • Apart from this, the students in agreement with any teacher and after taking permission from the Academic Coordinator can use the following outdoor areas for celebrations with food: the story wells, the amphitheatre, any outdoor area in the school (jungle gym, eucalyptus forest, football ground etc.).

At school, each teacher will make effort to celebrate the birthday of a child special by meaningful celebrations that in fact celebrates the uniqueness of the child and enhances their relationships with those around them.