School Timing and Duration


The objective of this policy is to ensure that school is providing sufficient instruction time to students.

Applicable to:

This policy applies to all stake holders i.e. parents, students and staff.

Value (s) guiding policy:*

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School timings and duration have been fixed to keep learning / working smooth and ongoing.

Policy Guidelines:

  • The school duration has been decided on taking into consideration the academic & extra-curricular needs of the children. However, changes in the duration for different years may happen over the years as the needs of the children evolve and as our understanding of their needs gets better.
  • Mid-year changes in timings, though unlikely are not completely ruled out, but will be done only if there are compelling reasons for the same.
  • Timings for the school will also change over the years as per the needs of the children as well as the need to optimize the transportation costs incurred by the parents. There will be consultation with the parents if major changes happen in the timings (of more than 30 minutes, changes minor than that will be communicated with sufficient notice).

School Timings (Winters) – School timings will remain the same during the winter. We understand that in winters, the sun rises late and hence its quite dark at the time of bus pickup for some students. We have explored the option of a delayed start by 20-30 minutes in winter. However, the bus schedules are back to back so if there is any delay in the morning slot, it will mean a subsequent time delay for every morning and afternoon route. Change in timings will disturb the routine for everyone since many students attend classes and extra-curricular activities after school hours etc. Though we do not have extreme winters in Surat, we also think that leaving for school from home in winters when it is dark will help the students to understand seasons, day and night cycles in an experiential manner and also helps them to face their fears of darkness (if any).

Long working Hours for MY/DP:

    • Long school hours are necessary as the MY has more subjects along with many extra-curricular activities. Please note that as a school we follow a day boarding model which means that the students get an exposure to a wide range of activities along with academics within the school hours itself. We spend almost more than 6 hours each cycle on extra-curricular activities. Other than that we have many special classes such as life classes, student parliament, LEAP, which are necessary for the overall development of the students. Regular subjects in MY are English, Hindi / French, Math, Combined Sciences, ICT, Arts Appreciation and Social Studies.

    • Late start to school is necessary so that we are able to optimize our bus usage. As the primary years come in at 7:15 it’s not possible for the senior school too to come at the same time. And also there are few evidences that suggest that late timings are better for teenage students as they tend to sleep late.

      • Students shifting from Grade 6 (PYP) to Grade 7 (Senior School) do find it more difficult in the first 2-3 months as there is a major change both in the timings and the duration. It is possible that they find it difficult to adjust, especially in the first few months. Later they might adjust to the schedule.

      • Students who are physically very active and are engaged in other activities such as sports practice etc. both before and after the school, will find it tiring. And this may be in addition to the PE / PS / Playtime slot in school. So parents are requested to re-look their child’s schedule and see whether this is sustainable for their child or not.