Library Policy


To provide access to student and teachers to variety of resources i.e. books, Journals, PD etc.

Applicable to:

This policy applies to all students and teachers.

Value (s) guiding policy:*

a) Value Term:

b) Why:


Library provides access to printed and online resources which are helpful and supportive for school’s learning and teaching program.

1) Students –

Library Routines and Procedures:

This will include Routines and procedure including the following quantity of books they can issue.

Books to be issued to students against their card.

PYP Student: English Hindi and Gujarati books for 1 Week

MYP Student: English Hindi and Gujarati books and 1 Magazine for 1 Week with subject to reissuing and 1 CD for 3 days.

DP Student: English Hindi and Gujarati books and 2 Magazines for 1 Weeks with subject to reissuing. They can even issue reference books in category of English book and 2 CD for 3 days.

Process of Issue and Deposit (self-Check in / Checkout)

There is a self-Check in / Checkout counter in the Library. Teachers have to check in /out their own books. the Library team is always there if you require assistance. Please follow the step by step procedure given below:

EY – Books will be issued to them through class library

PY – Student has to choose book for issue with ID card. At the end of the class the student has to come and pick up the issued books. While returning, student has to put books in tray one.

MY & DP – Students have to follow the (self-Check in / Checkout) system . Their I card will be required for book issuing. Library staff wil be there to guide them.

A. Procedure: Checking out books. (Issuing books)

1. Click on ‘Check Out to’ Tab.

2. Scan your I- Card

3. Check the name to ensure that you are logged in.

4. Your account is now open. ( If you have overdue books, then your account will be blocked automatically)

5. Slide the book under the scanner, making sure that you scan the library barcode sticker and not the printed ISBN code.

6. Each book scanned will appear as a list in the window.

7. Cross check the number of books you have scanned in the list appearing at the bottom of the window.

8. Click on ‘home’, you have now exited from your account.

B. Procedure: Checking in books. (Depositing / Returning books)

1. Click on ‘Check In’ Tab.

2. Slide the book under the scanner, and scan the library sticker bar code.

3. The book has now been deposited.

4. Place the book in the basket.

5. Cross check the number of books you have scanned in the list appearing at the bottom of the window.

6. Click on ‘home’, you have now exited from your account.

Important Instructions:

  1. In case the child does not return the book in the time allotted s/he will not be issued another book.
  2. Reference books will not issued to any students to carry out of the library.

Categories of Books: (Applicable for Junior Library)

Sr. No.

Categories of Books Categories


Non Chapter books

Read-Aloud Books
Board Books
Pop-up Books
Anthology (Story Collection)
Rhymes / Poems


Chapter Books

Young Fiction


Reference Books

Computer science
Science & Technology
Zoological Sciences
Medical Science
Activities, Puzzles, and Facts
Stage Presentation (Dance & drama)
History, Geography
Graphic Representation of Earth (Atlas)


Other Languages


Categories of Books: Senior Library

Books classified according to the Dewey decimal system / Includes separate sections for ToK books.

Categories Code
Generalities 000
Philosophy & Psychology 001
Religion 002
Social Sciences 003
Language 004
Natural Sciences & Mathematics 005
Technology (Applied Sciences) 006
The Arts 007
Literature & Rhetoric 008
Geography & History 009

2) Parents

Category which they can issue: Adult fiction, Movie CD and Literature Books and maximum of 2 books for a fortnight, and 1 DVD for a period of 1 week subject to re-issue.

Procedure of Issue and Deposit:

  • If a parent is interested to get access to school library, they have to send a consent email to
  • After getting confirmation, library will issue an ID card to the parent.
  • Parents have to submit Rs. 100/- as security deposit.
  • The ID card will be sent to the parents through their child.
  • After issuing ID card, parents will be given access to KOHA.
  • The user ID and password of will be sent to them on their school email ID.
  • For issuing a book they need not to come to school. They can search and order books through KOHA.
  • After ordering a book online through KOHA, they can ask their child to collect it from the library.
  • To return a book, parent need to send book with their child along with their ID card.

Educational Aids Policy:


Routines & Procedure:

Class Use –

  1. The use of iPad is only as per the booking.
  2. I-Pad will not be issued to students.
  3. HRT will be responsible for iPad if their class requires. The HRT need to make sure that students use it with care.
  4. Teacher will check iPad before and after issuing whether the iPad is in working condition or not and students have to return it in the same condition.
  5. There are 20 I-Pad for students and 1 for teacher so please ensure that it is used by 1 person at a time.
  1. Do not use I-Pad by taking it out of the box.
  2. It should be used with clean hands.
  3. Keep food and beverages away from my I-Pad.
  4. Running with the I-Pad s not allowed as it can be slip out of a child’s hands.
  5. Use I-Pad screen as ‘Touching’ and not by ‘punching’ on the screen.
  6. Do not place any decorations (such as stickers, markers, etc.) or deface the serial number or SUHSD label on the iPad.
  7. Do not leave your iPad in an unsafe place or unattended.
  8. Send the ipads back once the slot is over.

Board Games

Student has to issue and use it in library itself.

ID Card Practices:

  1. Temporary ID card will be generated once information of new students is shared by the front desk
  2. This temporary card will be valid till permanent one comes.
  3. Same will be applicable in case of loss of permanent ID Card.
  4. Within a day Temporary ID Card will be processed.

Instruction For Searching The books online – Koha:

Brief Description:

1.) Circulation:

It includes 2 things:

  • Check in – means return of books to the library. for that we have to scan the school barcode and later place the books as per the shelving location.
  • Check out – means issuing of books from the library. For that we need to first scan the id-card of the patron and the school barcode.
Note : If the a/c is blocked of any patron then we can’t issue books to them in any case till the a/c is unblocked. A/c gets blocked if the due date of the book is over and the books have been not returned or reissued.

2.) Patrons:

Patrons are the users of koha which includes the students at fountainhead school , staff members [ teachers and admins ] who use koha.

you can search for a patron using their name , surname or ID number.

In case of new admissions we can create new patrons for them .



  • If the book is not returned on time, the first time new books will not be issued till the 1st lot is returned.
  • If the same happens the 2nd time we will think of fines or replacement costs as consequences.
  • If a book is lost replacement cost will be charged.
  • Lost book found later- In case the book is found later and submitted to the library, the replacement cost charged earlier will be returned with a deduction of 10% penalty of the current market price.
  • When teachers use the library please follow the essential agreements displayed on the wall.
  • In the case of class library book & readers, if the reason for not returning is due to noncompliance by student, please follow the same rules as above, for the students, also.
  • Class library books are not included in the consequences.


  • There would be fines for late deposits.
  • Replacement cost will be taken from the student imprest deposit in case of loss, theft or damage.