Damage & Loss of School Property


The objective of this policy is to protect school’s assets by ensuring that every student should take reasonable care of school property.

Applicable to:

This policy applies to all students.

Value (s) guiding policy:

a) Value Term: Responsibility

b) Why: Be responsible for your behavior attitude, discipline etc. and think before you act and consider the consequences.


Sometimes students accidently or deliberately destroys or damage or misuse school property i.e. books, lab or other equipments, furniture, building etc. and some of the equipments are very expensive.

Guidelines for Students:

  1. School property especially equipments are for ACADEMIC use only and not for personal or other use. Anyone who uses equipment for other than academic use shall be fully liable for their loss, theft or damage.
  2. Our School encourages students to use all the science aids and equipments liberally but under the supervision of the concerned teacher. This prevents breakage and damage to the costly equipments.
  3. However, any student found mishandling the equipments by himself without the supervision of the teacher/without authorization of teacher, which he is not supposed to do so would be penalized.

Guidelines for Science aids taken by teachers for Classroom:

  1. To ensure that science aids are being utilized properly with minimal damages for which the teachers must take all necessary precautions.
  2. Encourage use of science aids by the teachers in class without the fear of paying for damages in case of any damage occurring during the normal course of teaching.
  3. It would be the primary responsibility of the teacher who takes the science aids like toys, prisms, globes etc to the classroom.
  4. The concerned teacher would take all required precautions for the safety of such aids till the time it is returned to the stores. This includes proper storage, handling and educating the students how to use it.
  5. It is the duty of the concerned teacher to report to the stores / lab in charge if any damage occurs to the item .
  6. In the event of any unintended damage to the science aid and if the value is below Rs 500/-, then no charges will be recovered from the concerned teacher till the third instance. The teacher concerned will be the person who has to decide whether the damage was caused due to her negligence (carelessness) or in the course of normal teaching.
  7. If the science aid is damaged by the student unintentionally, then also no charges will be recovered from the student / teacher. However the teacher must be aware that the damage done by the student was unintentional. If the teacher feels that the student has broken the item intentionally then and then only should we recover the charge from the student.
  8. The stores incharge will be maintaining a data of the damages and will bring it to the notice of HOS / PYPC. In case of repeated instances of damage / loss by the same teacher / grade level, the reasons for the same will be inquired into. If a clear pattern of lack of care taken by the responsible teacher(s) emerges, then the consequence will be full payment of the damaged equipment by the concerned teacher(s).
  9. In case of any item above Rs 500/- the consequence will be decided on case to case basis by GM-A/ PYP-C and HOS.

In any case of the teacher having been asked to pay, please submit a request to HOS stating the amount and why you believe that this was a natural damage and not due to your carelessness or intentional damage by a student.


  1. Full replacement costs price of new item to be charged from respective student being the cost of the damaged equipment.
  2. Admin department will inform parent about the amount needs to be paid against the damage.
  3. The amount needs to be paid by cash/cheque within the specified time limit given by school.
  4. In case of non-payment the amount will be adjusted form the imprest amount/security deposit.