School Policies

The most frequently used policies have been mentioned here. These policies are important for both parents and students to read and understand.

Parent Role in Education

PARENT ROLE IN EDUCATION – We believe that parents have major roles and responsibilities as partners in their child’s education and participation in meeting the educational needs of children. Therefore it is important to understand that your role as parents must be played by you responsibly. The policies in this section have covered all the points in detail.

ATTENDANCE The content covered in this policy is about policy guidelines for recording attendance, personal development leave, promotion, and conditional promotion details.
GUIDELINES FOR PCM / PTC The content covered in this policy includes brief about what is PTC and SLC, how is it conducted, why it is important for parents to attend PTCs, Do’s and Don’ts for Parents for PTCs and process about the postponement of PTC Slot.
NO TUITION Students need to develop independent learning and self-study skills. Tuitions don’t allow that to happen. In addition, students who go for tuitions are often disruptive in class. Fountainhead School doesn’t allow tuitions unless it is by prior permission, which is applicable only for a few genuine cases. This policy addresses in detail the reasons behind this stand, as well as the consequences that we will enforce. A short video (2 min) which gives a glimpse of the message: and a detailed video (12 min) covering policy details in the format of a panel discussion: has been shared.
UNDERTAKING The objective of this policy is to inform parents about the philosophy/terms & conditions of admission/school policies and take the acknowledgment from them and to indemnify school against any claims made by parents from any accident or incident that may occur during the course of normal school activities.
TOYS & GADGETS We allow various toys in the school. However, what we have noticed that toys and gadgets have become more of a distraction for students than of any value that they might have. Many students fidget with toys/cards during classroom periods and there are often unhealthy interactions with their peers over toys/gadgets/cards. Here we have explained the guidelines about the usage of toys and gadgets in school.
UNIFORM Students are required to wear Fountainhead School prescribed uniform. Wearing a school uniform gives students a sense of belonging towards the school and prevents competition among peers in the matter of dress and therefore reduces costs for parents/guardians. Also, school children can be easily identified in uniform.

Health, Safety & Discipline

HEALTH, SAFETY, AND DISCIPLINE – The school focuses on students health, safety, and student discipline to create and maintain a safe and healthy environment at school. The policies covered in this section together can create a safe and secure environment for students in school.

CANTEEN POLICY We have a school canteen for the convenience of students, staff, and parents. The school canteen stocks healthy food only. It has a variety of food items for purchase through coupons.
CELEBRATION The policy encourages parents to celebrate their child’s birthday in a simple manner without sending gifts because at times it creates unnecessary competition amongst students.
CODE OF CONDUCT FOR PARENTS As a school value, we place great emphasis on respect for students, parents and the school staff and also expect the same. The school expects high standards of behavior from parents within the school’s premises as they are role models for the children. This guidance supports the implementation of this policy and we expect parents to show respect and concern for school staff.
CYBER POLICY This policy outlines Fountainhead School’s commitment to a safe school and is aimed at ensuring, so far as it reasonably can, that students are not subjected to any kind of cyberbullying/harassment when at school. It also details the responsibilities of the School staff, management and parents in relation to preventing cyber issues at school or anywhere as cyber-issues are not limited to school boundaries. The school is committed to investigating all cyber issues in a manner that protects the rights of all involved, including the alleged perpetrators.
DISCIPLINE POLICY Good discipline is fundamental for the achievement of the school’s learning objective and mission statement and smooth running of the school. Students are required to abide by the school rules and to follow the direction of teachers and other staff members. When a student disregards rules, disobeys instructions or otherwise engages in conduct which causes or may cause harm, inconvenience or embarrassment to the school staff members or other students, then this will lead to disciplinary action taken by the school.
FOOD Food policy is formulated keeping in mind the short-term and long-term health issues for the children. Junk food can cause a lot of health problems in growth and development for children like obesity, being overweight and being underweight, due to the lack of right nutrients in the diet. Studies have shown that the onset of chronic degenerative diseases such as diabetes, heart ailments, cancer, etc. is closely linked to the quality of nutrition that an individual gets through their lifetime. Childhood is the time when the right eating habits need to be set otherwise the risk in the middle and senior years of life increases significantly.
FOOD IN BUS This policy is to allow students to eat food (as per food policy) in the bus but with expected behavior e.g. no littering and no food spillage.
HEALTH EXCLUSION This policy is to standardize the health-related exclusion of students. If a child is identified as having any health related condition which requires immediate, temporary exclusion and is necessary until the student is normal.
INDEMNITY This policy is to inform parents about the philosophy/terms & conditions of admission/school policies and take the acknowledgment from them and to indemnify school against any claims made by parents from any accident or incident that may occur during the course of normal school activities.
PUBLIC DISPLAY OF AFFECTION The purpose of this policy is to maintain the professional atmosphere of learning, mutual respect and safety in school, students should refrain from inappropriate, intimate behavior on campus or at school-related events & activities. Students are expected to conduct themselves respectfully at all times.
TRANSPORT & RELATED BEHAVIOUR The policy determines the transportation guidelines set by school and behavior expected by students to ensure safe and secure to and fro journey for students.


Admission, Fee & Communication

ADMISSION, FEE, AND COMMUNICATION – The policies covered in this section will give an overview of process and guidelines to be followed at the time of admission, details related to deposit and refund of fees, damage and loss and guidelines about communication with the school.

Fountainhead School aims to provide high-quality educational experience through a fair and transparent admission system and avoid unfair discrimination on grounds of disability, gender, religion or belief. The policy ensures the appropriate admission procedure with respect to each application received for admission. It also seeks to set selection criteria which are transparent, fair and consistent.
COMMUNICATION This policy will give parents clarity on the systems set in our administrative work including Office Policy, timings, and responsibilities of people. Also on how the communication process works with the school with various stakeholders including teachers, administrative staff, and management.
DAMAGE & LOSS OF SCHOOL PROPERTY Sometimes students accidentally or deliberately destroy, damage or misuse school property i.e. books, lab, or other equipment, furniture, building or any other property of the school. At times equipment are expensive and may be beyond the means of repair. This policy is to protect the school’s assets by ensuring that every student takes reasonable care of school property.
FEE & IMPREST POLICY The school has the responsibility to inform parents about the fee charges and related procedures when enrolling their child.
LIBRARY POLICY School library has a wide range of books and resources available for staff, students and parents. We also have an i-Pad library for Early Year students.
SCHOOL TIMING AND DURATION School timings and duration have been fixed to keep learning / working smooth and ongoing. This policy is to ensure that school is providing sufficient instruction time to students.

Academic Policies

ACADEMIC POLICIES – This section of policies is here to give you an insight on school’s main academic policies that play a major role in academics.

LANGUAGE POLICY The language policy document aims to consolidate ideas and beliefs at Fountainhead School regarding language and language teaching and outlines systems and strategies in place to support the development of English as a lingua franca as well as development and maintenance of mother tongue in the school community.
Assessment plays an important role in students learning and achievement. It gives us insight into what they have achieved and what they have to achieve and planning can be done accordingly. The objective of this policy is to clarify Fountainhead’s beliefs about assessment, to guide teaching and learning in the classroom and curriculum and involve families in our goal to educate children.
HOMEWORK POLICY Homework is important for knowing what is happening in the class and reviewing the learning progress of every individual. Thus, the focus can be diverted to students who may be having problems with homework. Homework enables parents to involve themselves directly in the learning program, to work with the child and help her/him in lessons.
ICT POLICY FOR STUDENTS We at Fountainhead believe that technology should become an integral part of the classroom. Students will have to use computers for research/projects/collaboration for various subjects and so we expect students to bring their own IT devices to school i.e. Chromebook & laptops so the school has defined the acceptable use as activities that directly or indirectly support the academics.
ACADEMIC HONESTY POLICY At Fountainhead school, the academic honesty policy is designed keeping in mind the attributes of learner profile such as ‘Principled’ which means that candidates act with integrity and honesty, with a strong sense of fairness, justice, and respect for the dignity of the individual, groups, and communities. They take responsibility for their own actions and the consequences that accompany them. Also, the values of the school are focusing on the honesty expected from the students in specific and the school community in general in the field of academic research. It also ensures that the student community as whole displays the respect for the integrity of all forms of assessment in MYP and DP. The expectations and practices of Fountainhead school community are guided by its values. Values arise out of what we believe to be important about people, society and about learning and knowledge.

Other Policies

OTHER POLICIES – This section of policies is here to give you an insight into school’s main academic policies that play a major role in academics. 

SICKBAY Students safety is very important. The school provides adequate facilities for all children to be attended to following accident or sickness at school and ensures that basic first aid is made available for all staff.
LOCKER School provides a locker facility to the students to keep their belongings (books, Chromebook etc.) safe. The locker will be assigned to a student for use during the school year.
ANNOUNCING STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT The purpose of this policy is to set guidelines to disseminate the information about the achievements gained by students apart from the events in school; specifically, national and international achievements.
CONCESSION POLICY FOR USAGE OF IT DEVICES Some students deal with certain difficulties in writing so the school has decided to allow them to use iPad, laptop in the class (under certain guidelines). While this policy is applicable only for few students right now, but the usage will increase in future so this policy has been devised for much larger usage of IT devices- including the internet by students.
TAKING CARE OF YOUR CHROMEBOOK Students are responsible for the general care of the Chromebook whether it is their own or issued by the school.
PUBLIC DISPLAY OF AFFECTION In order to maintain a professional atmosphere of learning, mutual respect, and safety in school, students should refrain from inappropriate, intimate behaviors on campus or at school-related events & activities. Students are expected to conduct themselves respectfully at all times.
NATURE CAMP, EDUCATIONAL TRIPS These events are some of the important school events. Every year nature camps, educational trips are organized from Grade 1-12. The motive behind it is to promote love and care for nature and appreciate the wonder and beauty.
NIGHT OUT GUIDELINES We organize night outs so that children learn to be independent, bond well with their peers and educators and also enjoy new activities. We encourage every student to be present for the night out, it’s an event that children really enjoy and savor.
PREVENTION OF ABUSE AND HARASSMENT School plays an essential role in protecting students from any type of abuse. Staff members have close, regular contact with students. They’re in a strong position to identify students concerns early, provide help and support to them, help them understand how to stay safe from abuse and to report any such event even if it is minuscule.
CONSENT FOR STUDENT LED EVENTS This consent assists students, parents so that they understand their responsibility of providing the services during the event.
PRIVACY POLICY Privacy Policy for Nucleus Fountainhead mobile application