Mission & Vision

The Fountainhead Vision: (Our Commitment)

Fountainhead School believes that learning is a life long process and therefore we seek to inculcate in students, parents, teachers & the society at large, the sheer sense of the joy of learning. We provide a happy, purposeful, safe and nurturing environment to help our learners develop skills, attitudes & character to achieve sustainable success in life. We aim to scale newer heights in terms of curriculum innovation and teaching methodologies and build an institute of excellence.

The Fountainhead Mission: (Our aim for our students)

“To Nurture Leaders Through Primary Greatness”

Primary greatness is the greatness that each individual can attain by achieving both competence and character. Greatness as defined normally, is based on name, fame, money, acts etc. This greatness is secondary greatness and not everyone may achieve it, and primary greatness may not be necessary to achieve this. Primary greatness, on the other hand, is something that each child and adult can achieve through their actions.

To become leaders, students are expected to take responsibility of their own lives, learn to work more effectively with others and to do the right thing even when no one’s watching. This is how we define leaders. Not everyone may want to or can become business or political leaders or leaders in sports or arts, but becoming a leader as defined above is the kind of leader that everyone can become.

The school’s mission is therefore “To nurture leaders through primary greatness” or in other words, to nurture leaders who have both character and competence.

FS Mission Alignment with IBO Mission Statement




Fountainhead School facilitates and creates an environment that empowers students to value their learning and become active, compassionate and lifelong inquirers. Students are taught to make connections between life in school, life at home and life in the world. They then:



Develop an undying curiosity and thirst for knowledge.


Attain skills and attitudes to equip them for life in a rapidly changing world.


Nurture and maximize their creative, sporting, social, cultural, academic & intellectual potential.


Are groomed as the leaders of the society.


Become independent individuals who have the capacity to think for themselves and make their own decisions.


Develop habits of reflection, mental flexibility & self-discipline enabling them to chart career paths resonating their passion, skills and knowledge.


Become good-natured, responsible and tolerant citizens of a global society who maintains openness and respect in the face of racial, cultural, religious and linguistic diversity.


What I hear, I forget.
What I see, I remember.
What I do, I understand.

Kung Fu Tzu (Confucius)

Fountainhead School intends to affiliate with International Boards of Education in order to provide high quality of education and is committed to the following:

  • Burden-free & joyful learning.
  • Structured inquiry as the leading vehicle for learning.
  • Development of a Global Learner Profile‚ in each child.
  • Rigorous & holistic assessment.
  • Multiple Intelligences approach.
  • Teacher-Student Ratio of 1:10, with only 20 children in a class.
  • Usage of audio-visual tools and internet in the class.
  • Extra-curricular activities within school hours to ensure overall development:
    1. One compulsory sport such as Skating, Football, Volleyball or Basketball.
    2. One Compulsory Cultural Activity such as Dance (Indian Folk/Western), Music (Vocal/Instrumental), Arts & Craft. (Fine Arts, Pottery).
    3. One Compulsory Club such as Chess, Science, Reading, Social Work.

Fountainhead School intends to nurture every child towards holistic growth which encompasses the following educational aims and objectives:

1. To help the child understand his/her surroundings in a relevant manner:


The Socio-Emotional World consisting of the human world and the society.


The Physical World of materials and understanding how things and the world around works.

 2. To help the child gain skills essential to survive and succeed in the new millennium:

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Survival Skills: Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Safety, Computer, Monetary, Fitness & Health


altLife Skills: Confidence & Self-Esteem, freewill,
Independence & Fearlessness, Integrity, Respect & Tolerance.
altQuestioning / Thinking Skills: The ability to ask ‘why’.


3. To unleash the child’s potential in one or more disciplines such as Academics, Art, Sports through exposure & practice.


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School Values

What do our values mean to us? What do they stand for?

Values arise out of what we believe to be important about people, society and about learning and knowledge. A school’s vision and mission statement indicates its core values which can inform and support the way the school develops.

Every decision and every interaction that takes place in our school reflects the values of the individuals involved and the collective values of our school community. It provides us a framework for learning and personal development which, in practice, the school community share and agree on. In order to be professional and ethical it is important that each school member should practice these values so well that if no policy or procedure manuals are available, we would still make best decisions based on our understanding of these values.

The below mentioned details will help us to identify and illustrate the dimensions of each value.

Fountainhead Organizational Values

The values represented here are the values that the organization and all its members are committed to in their decision-making and their interaction with people.

The values here have been chosen after brainstorming with all the staff members and after which sufficient time was given for any suggested changes. These values while interconnected with each other represent different dimensions of the way each member of the Fountainhead team must always abide by in letter and in spirit. Every Fountainhead team member is expected to display these values:

  • Fairness: I am fair and just to all & I expect to be treated the same.

Fairness to all, means doing things (action) or taking decisions by not discriminating or giving undue advantage to anyone, whether they are aware or not. I will not favor one person’s viewpoint over another in collecting and presenting views and opinion and will be focused on rational behavior by being committed to the principles and opposing prejudice, dishonesty and injustice.

  • Responsible: I fulfill the roles entrusted to me with complete responsibility.

I accomplish all tasks with discipline and commitment and with a capacity for moral decisions and therefore capable of rational thought or action and for being accountable for my individual and community’s actions towards myself, others and the environment. I will exercise personal responsibility for my actions and I will make sure that my actions do not interfere with the academic and social environment of the school. I will maintain a high standard of behavior by adhering to the values & principles and respecting the rights of others.

  • Respect: I accord respect and dignity to all including myself.

I regard myself and others in a lawful and just manner and respect diversity within the society. I will also accept the right of others to hold a different or opposing view. I will demonstrate respect for others by striving to learn from differences between people, ideas, and opinions and by avoiding behavior that compromises or demeans the dignity of individuals or groups, including intimidation, stalking, harassment, discrimination, taunting, ridiculing, insulting, or acts of violence.

  • Excellence: I endeavor to excel constantly in all spheres of my work.

I will strive for the highest personal achievement in all aspects of schooling and individual and community action, work and life-long learning. I will always implement practices that continue to produce valued outcomes. Sustainability is developed most effectively when it is put at the heart of a school’s planning and implementation and is reflected in the school’s vision. It creates and maintains the conditions under which we can exist in productive harmony, that permit fulfilling the social, economic and other requirements of present and future generations. Excellence is a term we use to describe the farthest end of the quality spectrum. This can be achieved by doing things right the first time, using the latest tool for problem solving and providing perfect quality at the right time and the right place.

  • Win-win: I synergise with others to achieve results and to forge relationships.

I will consistently try and apply a joint problem-solving approach. There are risks taking situations in which the outcome benefits each of two often opposing groups, where both parties consider /cooperate / compromise with each other and reach to a consensus to gain from a transaction or deal, or all possible outcomes are favorable. It also deals with the sense of caring and well being of you and others, demonstrating empathy and acting with compassion and maturity.

  • Integrity: I do what I say.

Honesty and integrity go hand-in-hand. To be honest is to apply integrity to a situation, circumstance or instance. I will be honest and trustworthy to all. I will treat people around me with fairness, honesty and openness. I will not engage in or tolerate acts of falsification, misrepresentation or deception because such acts of dishonesty violate the organizational ethics and principles. I believe that every school member should be transparent in respect to work ethics and choose to follow the right way the diplomatic way.

  • Learner: I always explore new opportunities to learn.

As a learner I will always try to acquire new knowledge, beliefs, behaviors, skills, values, preferences or understanding with an open mind, for self holistic growth, and may involve synthesizing different types of information with a positive mind. I evaluate my strengths and limitations, will set realistic goals and understand how to achieve them. I monitor my performance and progress, will always welcome feedback from others and use this to make changes to my learning.

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